Our History


A Mainstay in the design world.


AMIROB opened its doors in 1973 and has completed more than 4,400 projects ranging from prestigious homes and hotels to significant hospitals and schools.  Our work has captured the attention of global, national and local design authorities and the press, winning more than 300 local, national and international design awards.


Few have excelled at their craft as Mickey Ackerman and his acclaimed team of architectural and design specialist.  Every AMIROB team member has attained at minimum a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Design, the basis for ongoing and continued training in our firm.


Our Mission


The AMIROB story


At AMIROB, our singular purpose is to achieve unprecedented quality and design for the best price on the market.  Our product knowledge and continuous education in every facet of design and production allows us to deliver that to you, The Client.


We understand that your design project – getting you to your ideal destination – is truly a dream effort.  We guide your team – you, the architect and the builder – to achieve the best possible route to the purest design that conveys the essence of your individual story.


Most importantly, AMIROB does not impose a preferred design style upon its clients.  Instead, our function is relevancy.  Whether your preference is timeless or contemporary design, we expertly navigate the process, shaping your concept into a reality that is uniquely yours.